A superior audience participation capability which makes engagement look easy

Enhance your events with live polling, Q&As and discussions, present to big screens, integrate with attendee demographics to get rich data, and run it all easily from the facilitator panel.

Meaningful meeting
& networking capability

User friendly control

Control the entire session through a single, very user-friendly facilitator panel.

Intelligent live data

Enhance audience engagement using live data to create on-the-fly polling questions.

Big screen entertainment

Get your session questions & results out there on big screen with little effort.

Experiences they’ll enjoy 

Live interaction, results & leading edge tech adds depth to the conversation.

Setting up your session

Super-simple audience participation

  • Add to as many sessions as you like
  • Prepare with pre-loaded polling questions 
  • Easily add themes, branding & sponsors
  • Grant access to speakers & tech teams 

Facilitating your session

One place to create, deploy & moderate

  • Create, preview & push live to screens  
  • Flexible on-the-fly polling functionality 
  • Bookmark Q&A remarks, call live votes 
  • Breakdown results by demographics

Including your audience

Ensure your attendees feel part of the fun

  • Welcome with big screen onboarding
  • Interact through the app on their device  
  • Show results in real-time rendered graphs
  • Display users’ profile info with comments