A flexible, powerful
session tracking. Self-service or assisted.

Leading-edge event session tracking which is super simple to set-up and is fully equipped to deliver instant insights with beautiful automation.

Session tracking
that’s a breeze for everyone

Simple app download

Easy to use point and scan using mobile device with smart offline capability.

You choose how

Easy to set-up for self-service, onsite assisted use, or a flexible combination of both.

Event organiser’s delight

Works seamlessly & efficiently with session registration for session entry rules.

Instant event insights 

Instantly records attendance, delivers insights across sessions, safety, catering & CPD.

Setting-up session tracking

Easy to customise with user-friendly presets

  • Easy to set multi-tracking session rules
  • Auto-change of scan between sessions
  • Set simple on/off for self check-in
  • Gamify by rewarding session attendance

Managing session tracking

A breath of fresh air for everyone onsite

  • Your team can use their own devices  
  • Set-up self-serve ‘set & forget’ devices 
  • View scan profiles in real time
  • Get instant session & progress reports