An engaging, easy to use interactive floor plan capability

Enable your attendees to easily navigate your event using interactive floor plans, optional wayfinding & navigation nodes for rooms, meetings, points of interest & in-app exhibitor pages.

Floor plans have never been so
interactive, engaging & easy to create 

Multi-level navigation

Create super helpful, multi-level point to point navigation in a few simple clicks.

Every corner covered

Offer comprehensive event navigation to exhibitors, venue rooms & meetings. 

Direct app links

Interactive floor plans offer direct links to in-app information & exhibitor pages.

Clickable & zoomable

Enable your attendees to fully explore your event on-screen & plan what they want to see.

Create your floor plan

Set-up wizard themes make it all super simple

  • Easy to add your own customised maps 
  • Add multiple maps to create floor levels
  • Link to exhibitors & all points of interest

Add wayfinding to
your floor plan

Make attendee navigation even easier  

  • Add nodes & connect across levels 
  • Simple to set priority waypoints 
  • Add multiple exhibitors to a single point

Launch your floor plan

Launch to app or web in a few clicks

  • Add in-app content & exhibitor links
  • Post on your website using block feature
  • Universal access with onsite touchscreens