An advanced event meeting & networking capability, enabling meaningful connections

Give your attendees and exhibitors next-gen meeting and networking capability, with powerful features like live delegate lists, chat, meeting requests, activity feeds and gamification.

Meaningful meeting
& networking capability 

Create strong connections

Give your attendees the gift of intuitive event connectivity tech to smile about.

Powerful comms features

Use a range of advanced features to drive meaningful event interaction.

Engage your audience

Award participants points & achievements to encourage more networking activity.

Privacy & visibility

Peace of mind with full user control over privacy & visibility settings. 

Set up meetings & networks

Super-simple to start connecting people

  • Set live delegate list, chat, meeting requests
  • Switch on activity feed to foster connections 
  • Easy to set gamification & rewards 
  • Set visibility matrix to control contact types

Drive engagement & interaction

Powerful features encourage more connections

  • Easy for attendees to manage connections
  • Status updates, likes & comments
  • Search live delegate lists & reach out
  • Encourage posts on your event feed

Create meaningful meetings

A foundation to forge valuable engagements 

  • Easy to request, accept or decline meetings
  • Everyone has a personal meeting agenda 
  • Rate, make comments & export meetings 
  • Auto-link meetings to booths on the map